Moto Guzzi V11 Cafe Sport!!!

You Can Own This Bike!!!

You Can Own This Bike!!!

2004 MOTO GUZZI FOR SALE- Call (505) 913-9050 or E-Mail

Vehicle Description
  This beautiful bronze- and gold-colored 2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Cafe Sport is exceptionally rare and desirable because it is “NOS”– meaning that, unlike other V11s you may be considering on E-Bay or elsewhere, it actually comes with a Moto Guzzi Factory Warranty and 24-Hour Moto Guzzi Roadside Assistance, both good until June 12, 2011 — two years from the day I purchased the bike from a local dealer.  The bike had never been sold or titled before.  The miles are mostly those put on by the dealer and by Moto Guzzi (Piaggio) personnel, and a few light around-town miles added by me (plus the 500-mile drive from the dealer to my home, a great ride!).  This Moto Guzzi Factory Warranty means you can absolutely thrash the bike — which it loves — for the rest of this riding season, ALL of 2010, and well into the 2011 season, knowing you’ll be fully protected against mechanical mishaps — both the cost of repairs, and the cost and hassle of getting roadside help.  Please consider the unique value and desirability of this warranty when you bid on this bike (I did when I bought it!).  Other V11’s, even low mileage examples, will almost certainly not have this attractive and desirable warranty!The other thing to consider when buying a V11 (either a Cafe Sport or a LeMans) is that there were many teething problems in the earlier bikes that were all cleared up by 2004, making this year (or an ’05, which is identical, although I’ve never actually seen one) the very best bikes to own.  The clutches and transmissions were much improved, for example, and many other mechanical details were sorted out also.  Besides, earlier models won’t have the Ohlins suspension (“which makes all the difference,” as they say), or the carbon fiber, or the warranty.  What you really want is a low-mileage late-model bike like this (it was well-cared for by the dealer, naturally, whose aim was to sell it as new, and by me; it had an oil change and check up at 3000 miles, just 800 miles ago), and I challenge you to find one like this with a factory warranty on it, in perfect condition, with low mileage.The 2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Cafe Sport has a manufacturer’s list price of $ 14,490 — a premium, high-end bike, featuring awesome Ohlin’s suspension front and rear, a very powerful Guzzi Sport Engine (“goes like Thor’s Hammer,” says one reviewer — is a top-speed of 134.4 miles per hour fast enough for you?), top-notch Brembo D’Oro brakes, and lots of tasty carbon fiber pieces (starter motor cover, front fender, side panels, etc.).  The bike is stock except for a “Ghezzi-Bryan” ECU Chip (Ghezzi Bryan are custom motorcycle designers and builders in Italy; they styled the new Griso), new Moto Guzzi Griso/Norge factory mirrors (these do a better job of ‘looking behind you’ than the stock round mirrors, which are included; they also look sportier I’d say), and a simple digital clock.  Still available from Moto Guzzi is a Titanium Exhaust System with special ECU Chip for $ 1,500.  Do you need it?  That’s up to you!  The bike is fast as heck as it is, and the immaculate factory black exhaust pipes look fine to me.  There are also lots of aftermarket items available for the popular V11 family.

The rear seat cover or cowl is easily-removable, revealing “more seat” for a passenger; there are rear passenger footpegs also, naturally.  All the factory manuals and tools are just where they should be.  I’m the first and only owner, of course; the bike is almost exactly like new, just nicely broken in so you can drive it full-out immediately without the painful, frustrating break-in period, where you have to drive the bike more slowly and conservatively than you’d want to — especially painful on a super-fast bike like this!  It has a high-quality Yuasa battery.  The bronze, gold, and black components all go together beautifully.  Just send a message if you have any questions.

So why am I selling this fantastic, one-of-a kind bike?  No, I didn’t lose my job.  Here’s the deal: I want to travel to Europe in the Spring, stay a month or three in a rented, furnished apartment, and study foreign languages.  This European Adventure (as you might expect) is going to cost real money.  Selling the Cafe Sport is the only way I can think of to finance it (I’m over 50 and don’t have enough energy to work a night job).  I have another Moto Guzzi so at least I won’t be left without wheels in the meantime.  Of course, Moto Guzzis are terrific, incredible bikes, and this one is by far one of the best; I won’t add any more Guzzi hype here but if you want to correspond with me just use the E-Bay message system.  I’ll write back immediately.  And of course feel free to ask questions; I’ll post the best and most helpful ones on the auction.

Will you be happy with this bike?  Check my feedback — 100% – not 98 or 99%.  You will be very happy with this bike, and the Guzzi Factory Warranty is there to protect you besides.  Moto Guzzis, even their low-end bikes, are still built by hand by craftsmen in Italy at Mandello del Lario on the shores of Lake Como (unlike, say, a new Triumph Bonneville, which is built in Thailand, hence the seemingly “low price”).  Good luck and happy bidding!  We’ve got another month of riding left this season, I’d say.  Grab this one because there won’t be another one like it!  Park it in a row of Harleys or Japanese Sport Bikes, and guess which bike will get the most attention?  Right!

Here are some specs for you:


Manufacturer Moto Guzzi

Model Year 2004

Model V11 Cafe Sport

MSRP $14,490.00*

Engine 90º V-Twin, 4 stroke, Air cooled

Horsepower 91 hp @ 7800 rpm

Displacement 1064 cc

Bore x Stroke 92 mm x 80 mm

Torque 70 ft/lbs @ 6000 rpm

Compression Ratio 9.8:1

Fuel System Magneti Marelli IAW Multipoint phased sequential fuel injection

Clutch Double discs, dry, with hydraulic command

Exhaust Steel, 2 tubes connected to 2 steel mufflers

Ignition Magneti Marelli IAW electronic digital ignition w/inductive spark

Length 84.64 in.

Width 30.90 in.

Height 46.06 in.

Weight 487.2 lbs.

Ground Clearance 7.00 in.

Wheelbase 58.66 in.

Fuel Capacity 5.46 gallons with 1.32 gallon reserve

Seat Height 31.49 in.

Transmission 6 speed

Final Drive n/a

Suspension Front: Ohlins USD fork, 43mm compression/extension adj.; 4.72 in. travel
Rear: Cantilever swing arm w/Ohlins mono shock compression/extension/preload adj.; 5.03 in. travel

Frame Monobeam frame

Colors Bronze Gold

Brakes Front: Two Brembo ORO Series stainless steel 320mm floating discs w/4 piston caliper
Rear: Single stainless steel 282mm fixed disc w/Brembo 2 piston caliper

Tires Front: 120/70 17 in.
Rear: 180/55 17 in.

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