Got The Benelli Bug Badly?

The Motorcycles Benelli Fans Love Best!

Then you might want to take this golden opportunity to buy my entire Benelli collection, lock, stock, and smoking exhaust pipe barrel, before I place it on E-Bay, which I plan to do this summer.

This collection includes the following bikes:


1974 Benelli Dynamo 65cc, Restored, Strong Motor, Nice Bike, Thousands Invested, Very Good Condition.

The Benelli Cougar

1972 Benelli Cougar 65cc — Cosmetically excellent, starts and runs easily and smoothly, everything totally intact and original, but lacks power and needs some attention (engine seals?).  Easy fix for somebody who knows what they’re doing, fun and very rare.  Has a very rare NOS seat and a spare NOS seat as well!


1972 Benelli Volcano — Terrific ORIGINAL condition, cosmetically and mechanically excellent, needs nothing, a blast!  World’s ultimate mini-bike, very rare, one of only 200 made.

The 1966 Nuovo Leoncino ("Cobra Scrambler")

1966 Benelli Nuovo Leoncino — Full Restoration, down to nuts and bolts, many rare and original NOS Parts, looks like new, totally classic vintage bike. 6K Invested.

AND — a huge, and I mean massive, collection of Benelli parts, boxes and boxes of them, too numerous to mention.  Thousands and Thousands of dollars worth of rare and precious parts, for everything from the Dynamo to the 650CC Tornado.

PRICE FOR ALL BIKES AND ALL PARTS:  $ 10,000.00. Price is firm.  Shipping is extra; pickup probably best (rent a big truck and take everything away). 

Easily 20K invested.


E-Mail me at


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8 responses to “Got The Benelli Bug Badly?

  1. Deane Marfone

    Have you sold the Dynamo yet?
    If not, is it for sale?

  2. Todd wilson

    Great web site steve. Were you selling the benelli panther?

    • Thanks, Todd. The Panther is not part of the collection, it needed so many work (and so many impossible-to-find parts) that I abandoned the vehicle at Southwest Cycle (a motorcycle service facility with a large wrecking yard) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For all I know, it’s still there! My collection includes the four excellent vehicles listed in the blog posting.

  3. Al Gill

    Hello Ask the Biker,
    I recently acquired a Benelli, havnt had it delivered yet. Its a 400cc trail bike so it appears from the one auction photo I have . …lay-down engine, egg style tank, covered in pigeon crap……
    Can you tell me where to find the VIN so I can get it shipped across the border to my home in Canada
    Thanks and regards
    Al Gill
    Edmonton Canada

  4. John Raho

    My first motorcycle was the Benelli Volcano 180, at the time the ‘world’s most powerful mini-cycle’. It was a great bike I bought used when I was 11 years old in 1973. I don’t remember what year my bike was, but it was a red one. I guess it was a ’70 or ’71, since I know it wasn’t new when I bought it for around $350. (maybe a bit more).
    The only problem I had was with the bolts holding on the rear hub, they would shear off due to the high torque.
    I didn’t realize it was such a limited production of 200. That would explain why after so many years I haven’t seen any.
    I would really like to own one again. My current ride is a Triumph Thruxton 900.

  5. Jimmy T

    I have a benelli 65 hurricane does anybody have parts? Made in 1971

  6. Dino Marfone

    I have a a frame and LOTS of spare parts for a Benelli 65CC Off road mini bike. I have the engine also ,but my mechanic tells me the Block is cracked IF anyone is interested in buying parts, please call me 949-842-7224 Dino

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