Issue #4 of Italianmotor Magazine is Here!!!!

Latest Issue of Italianmotor Magazine

For more information, to purchase a copy, or what-have-you:



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2 responses to “Issue #4 of Italianmotor Magazine is Here!!!!

  1. Bill Daugherty

    I’m a Benelli Junkie & proud to be one.I’m hooked & I love it! I can not imagine having any other ride. Its a passion & feels wonderful. I am writing because I need a head light for a Buzzer – I dream of cruising the hot spots in Atlanta at night & impressing the hoties taking them on a spin thru Varsity’s parking lot to the envy of all sitting on their Harley’s & Goldwings……..
    Please share my dilemma & ask around in hopes someone has a old Headlight tucked away some where. I believe a Hornet or some other Benelli Model mini cycle’s light assembly will work. Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful web sit & know your labor of love is appreciated by every devoted Benelli owner in the land.
    My contact info is 678-458-5507. Bill Daugherty
    Thank you again! , the Old Geezer

  2. Alex

    This is to warn other vintage Italian parts buyers of seller Hugo Gallina of Mission Viejo, CA, ebay seller ID: warcusa.
    This spring, Hugo Gallina sold me two spoke kits supposedly for my Benelli 250- my wheel builder reported they were some of the worst quality he’s ever dealt with. Incorrect bends, nipples stripping at initial tightening. I returned them, but he refuses to return my $160. BEWARE!

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