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7 responses to “About

  1. Bart Perry

    Saw your website, pretty neat. I have several benellis, including all the short track racers from Cosmo. Bought them off of Larry Weiss years ago.

  2. Alex

    I love your website, and am saddened to hear of you leaving the “Benelli brotherhood”. The fiasco with Catania and Purshock is especially troubling, but we vintage Italian bike owners appreciate the warning.
    My connection to this is my 1974 Benelli 250 SuperSport for which I am accumulating parts and knowledge. A full restoration is the plan- the bike has such style and charm it deserves it! Will try you on some parts I’m looking for, if you haven’t already sold everything.

    • Dear…Sandman? Thanks for the note. Glad you like the website (www.mybenellis.com) and blog (https://askthebiker.wordpress.com). Yes, Mr. Catania and Mr. Purshock deserve one another, which is why they were in business together. Birds of a feather. I’m trying to do the Christian Forgiveness thing, often easier said than done.

      ANYHOW — yes, the Supersport 250SS is a terrific bike! I have tons of juicy parts but alas you can’t buy any of them unless you buy the whole shebang. Parts, Bikes, Everything. Nobody’s buying much of anything nowadays but hopefully somebody will come along who wants a pre-fab collection including tons of expensive and rare NOS spares. We’ll see! Best to you and peace indeed. Steven

  3. http://www.benelli-bauer.com if somebody need parts, we have 250 tons of parts coming directly from italy to us!

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